Partner CFO:

Weekly help from a CFO to keep all the balls in the air.

Growing is great, but how do you maintain it?

When firms pass the 2MM mark, all of a sudden things become more complex. Where you used to be able to keep track of everything that was happening, new clients coming, in, what work was getting done, plus manage all the little details of running the office, that is now an overwhelming task. Simply tracking the financials take significantly more time than you have available. Clients who come to us at this stage need help streamlining, integrating, and managing details so they can direct the big picture. By working more closely and more often with your team, CathCap is able to take some of the day-to-day financial decision making off your plate and keep you informed about results to free you up to do what you do best.

Is the Partner CFO right for me?


This program is great for the business with revenue over $2MM a year that is looking to grow.


If the details are becoming overwhelming, delegate the finances to us. Receive weekly updates on financial progress so you can spend your time growing the firm.


By working closely with your Firm Administrator, Managing Attorney, and Marketing Team, we form the C-Suite that tracks and distills data so you can make strategic decisions quickly and easily.

The Partner CFO is perfect for the owner



Has a strong legal and operational team in place


Delegates (not abdicates) the details


Is interested in spending their time designing and executing their Vision

Yes, I would like to speak to someone about the Partner CFO service!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I afford this?

Firms of your size aren’t ready to have a full time CFO in house, but with our outsourced model, you can enjoy “on tap” CFO expertise on a reasonable flat fee basis.  

Who do you work with from my firm?

We work closely with your Bookkeeper, Firm Administrator, Managing Attorney, and any Marketing team you have. In addition, we stay in communication with your outside vendors such as Tax Professionals, 401K providers, and bankers.

How much access do I have to my CFO?

Your CFO has weekly standing calls with your team which you are always welcome to join. In addition, she will have one financial statement call with you individually each month to update you on progress. Your CFO is always available by email and is happy to set up additional quick calls to deal with any issues that might arise.